Best Inflatable Mattress Reviews 2015

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What is the Best Inflatable Mattress?
If you would like to see our top pick now it is the Insta Bed Raised Inflatable Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Lets look at the features:


  • When fully inflated measures 60W x 78L x 19H inches.
  • Powerful Patented Never Flat internal Mains powered AC pump will inflate and deflate the air bed fast.
  • Customize the air bed’s firmness with clear dial settings: Plush, medium or Firm.
  • 35 circular coils help maintain a comfortable surface to sleep on.
  • horizontal and vertical reinforcement maintains the mattress shape
  • Maintains your custom firmness setting all night Automatically with its quiet internal air pump.
  • The flocked or velour surface keeps your bedding in place.
  • This mattress is Guaranteed to stay inflated the whole night.
  • Includes nylon carry bag and Limited one year warranty.
  • Is available in Queen or Twin bed Sizes.

Review of the Insta Bed Raised Inflatable Air Mattress with Patented Never Flat Pump:

If you are looking for a luxurious care free queen-sized raised air mattress then the Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump has everything you will need.


  • Getting in or out of bed is easy with its raised height advantage.
  • No more sagging air bed problems with the patented never flat pump technology.
  • The primary pump gets the bed inflated or deflated fast and turns off automatically once completed.(No more burnt out pumps from walking away and leaving unattended)
  • The secondary air pump maintains the mattress air pressure automatically at your desired setting.
  • The whisper quiet secondary pump maintains your firmness setting for a comfortable uninterrupted nights sleep.
  • This mattress is the perfect addition to any household to cater for guests or visitors that are staying for the night in comfort.


  • There are no major common issues with this product.
  • Recommended for home use only (Not Camping unless mains power is available) requires 120V AC mains power.

Should you buy the Insta-Bed Raised Inflatable Air Mattress with Patented Never Flat Pump?

In a word YES.

We recommend this luxurious raised air bed as it is ideal for accommodating guests or family that require a bed that is not only easy to set up but more importantly provides a comfortable uninterrupted nights sleep.

After sales customer service is reported as being very good also.

Best Price On The Insta Bed Raised Inflatable Air Mattress:

To buy this luxury mattress we recommend that you purchase from a reputable store that offer great customer service and a very competitive prices. At the time of writing this review there is a substantial saving off the normal retail price.


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